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Ever been stranded with a flat battery? Flat Tyre, no light? Mobile dead? Get a TITAN


Solar Multi Function Power Station, provides heavy duty emergency back up power supply including jumpstarter, aircompressor & Lights. Recharge vehicle Solar or mains.

More than a 900Amp jump starter – it could in fact be called a little Life Saver! It will breathe life into a flat battery via its nifty sealed 12V 18Ah rechargeable battery. Use to restart 4 and 6 cylinder family vehicle engines. It will also get air into the flattest of tire’s with its 260 psi air compressor to get you out of trouble fast.

12V & USB Power Outlets to power mobile phones and small digital media.

10-LEDs Battery Level Indicator for easy maintenance and dual Detachable Flashlights that can be combined to make one powerful light.

This Multi-Function Power Station is not just for emergencies – you can take it camping or on picnics. Do everything from light up your campsite, inflate your air bed or rubber raft or power your laptop and charge your phone!

Engineered to be tough. Rubberised to protect against accidental bumps and knocks, yet light and portable making handling easy. It's so clean and versatile it recharges from vehicle, inbuilt solar panel or mains power.

Solar Multi Function Power Station Heavy Duty - specifications

  • Built in 12V 18Ah Rechargeable lead acid battery suitable to jumpstart most 4 and 6 cylinder family vehicles
  • 12V & USB Power Outlets to power mobile phones and small digital games media
  • 260PSI Air Compressor with Reading Gauge, for inflating air beds and tyres
  • Heavy Duty Rubberized Case to absorb hard knocks in rugged useage
  • 10-LEDs Battery Level Indicator for easy maintenance
  • 2 x Detachable Flashlights that can combine to make one powerful light
  • Built in work light
  • Inbuilt Solar Panel – trickle charge that prevents the battery over discharge
  • AC & DC chargers are included
  • Compact space saving storage
  • Weight saving construction easy to carry at just 9.5kg
John said:

Comments It looks to be a very useful product. It has not had much used yet

Trevor said:

good all round but torch could have been rechargeable The service knowledge was unbeatable

bai said:


bai said:


kirk said:

great product, never go without it

bai said:


Llewellyn said:

Comments. Should hae bought two.It was in my daughters`car & I got a flat battery.Wonderful invention.Every car should have one.

Emanuel said:

I have been looking for a unit that would be useful in emergencies as well as for camping. I think this is just the thing :-)

Dennis said:

Solidly built unit. Lots of useful features. Torch should be rechargable though instead of alkaline batteries.


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