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8 in 1 Power Anywhere Solar Station, includes inbuilt Solar Charger panel, Air Compressor, Emergency Light and Inverter

More than just a jump-starter, it is a "Power Anywhere Station" – money saving green energy Solar charger, inbuilt battery, USB power outlet, 200W MSW Inverter for using regular household appliance power on the go, Air compressor, removable Light with Magnetic emergency warning flasher. Tough black rubber padded handle and rubber buffered impact absorbing edges protect against common accidental bumps and knocks.

A must for any caravan or motor home! And is the Australian Astronomers first choice for powering their Skywatcher Telescopes.For use with all SynScan, SynTrek and AutoTracking telescopes.

  • Jump-Starter. Tucked in on either side are two tough insulated battery clamps for all your 4-cylinder jumpstarting needs!
  • Air Compressor. One of the most useful additions to this unit is the 260PSI air compressor. We've all had a flat tyre, and if you haven't it might happen tomorrow! The air compressor is fitted to a 600mm tube with tyre valve stem adaptor and the pressure is indicated in kg/cm² and Lb/in². INCLUDES: Standard Air Pump, Ball pump and adapter attachments!
  • Performance Dials. two dial indicators for air pressure and charge status.
  • Solar Panel: Angle Adjustable Solar Panel for "Top-Up" Battery Maintenance.
  • 200W MSW Inverter gives you a 240VAC mains style outlet at the rear for plugging in mains devices **. Powered by an internal 12V 12Ah SLA battery.
  • USB Outlet - Standard 5 Volt USB Port provides power for PSP's, MP3 Players, etc.
  • On the front panel you have 2 x 12VDC cigarette lighter sockets for operating hundreds of 12V appliances
  • Magnetic Rechargable LED Worklight - The portable power station comes with a built in 5 – LED work light which provides lasting portable lighting.
  • Emergency Warning Light - Portable flashing warning/hazard light for emergency purposes.

** Before using Modified Sine Wave Inverters, always check with the manufacturer of the appliance you want to run. Modified Sine Wave Inverters can operate with most household appliances, but some appliances require to run on a pure sine current, or a current that very closely matches mains power cycles. Avoid damaging the appliance and the Inverter by checking appliance manufacturers specifications. Modified sine wave inverters are cheaper to manufacture than Pure Sine Wave inverters, as they have more basic and fewer electronic components. 8Zed warranty will not cover damage by misuse or plugging in unsuitable appliances. 

  • Air compressor for pumping tyres and other inflatables Rated to 260Psi
  • Tough rubber handle and rubber buffered impact absorbing edges
  • AC and DC chargers included
  • 12V 12Ah SLA battery inside
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 250CCA (Please check vehicle requirements)
  • 200W (400W surge) MSW Inverter - 240VAC outlet at rear for powering mains devices **
  • 5 LED work/map light at front panel
  • Charging and air compression dial indicators
  • 2 x 12VDC sockets for running 12V appliances
  • DC charging takes approximately 12 hours (Initial Charge)
  • AC charging takes approximately 34 hours (Initial Charge)
  • Charging jack
  • USB Outlet
  • Built in air cooling fan
  • Battery level indicator
  • DC & AC Charging Cables Supplied
  • 12 month warranty
  • 8.2kgs
  • 36x35x26 (cm)

8 in 1 power pack pumping car tyre with the inbuilt air compressor8 in 1 power pack with inbuilt air compressor is pumping car tyre

Jennifer said:

As my purchase has not been opened, it is a Christmas present I can only comment on the service I received from Customer Service, namely Andrew Wallace, my request was handled with the utmost professionalism, he was so knowledgeable and helpful to me.

Derek said:

Very prompt service

Marilyn said:

Am using my new power station right now for the first time, and so far am loving it. I live without electricity, use candles and a head torch for light, and charge all my stuff at my neighbours house, using their solar power. So, I think that my neighbours will like this gadget as well as me, it'll stop me walking into their house and plugging things into their power points! Will give you a progress update soon. Thanks heaps.Comments

Dario said:

250coldcrank is the only letdown.

Mary said:

Good communication and price, prompt delivery.

Desmond said:

I bought this unit as a backup and 12v light supply for our ute camper. Very compact, light, and most useful. And at the discount price it was a great deal! Des Menz, Clare SA

Jeffrey said:


Sunny said:

Your usual Jumpstarter pack with add on's like solar torch and a cool solar panel charging as well

Margaret said:

I take mine with me on a nightly basis when I travel out to do street ministry. It is useful should I need to inflate the tyres of my mobility scooter, as well as running my laptop etc should I stay out for longer than the night....

Mike said:

Great product, excellent delivery, transparent communications, ontime delivery as promised. Recommend highly!

Henry said:

Excellent Product! Ruggeredised and so versatile.Looks well built too. Appreciate the needle nozzles for pumping up balls.



rob said:

fantastic item and service. good work guys

Johnnie said:

Great product as described. Great Value, fast delivery

Thomas said:

Excellent! Went camping with the unit, performed well with lights,lpod and small LCD tv. Recharged on the way home, no problems with this!

barry said:

great to deal with very quick postage

Graeme said:

Best product on the market - bar none! Now have four of these between camping mates and we want more!

Paul said:

Easy ordering system

David said:

very good customer service

Alex said:

After over two years of owning 2 of these units, BOTH work perfectly. Have used it in the 4x4, out bush, pumped up many 4x4 tyres! Really reliable, quality units!..ALEX

Karen said:

240 plug pushed in and now can only be charged by solar

Rod said:

Excellent little power pack

Emanuel said:

I use so far for pumping up bicycle and motorbike tires and didn't just a compressor.


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