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The Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation range of products are in memory of our daughter Zaidee who died suddenly on 2nd December 2004 from a burst blood vessel in her brain called a Cerebral Aneurism. Zaidee was the only child under the age of 16 years to donate her Organs and Tissues in Victoria during 2004.

Zaidee's Story is directed towards both children and adults so they can think about others who are waiting for a life saving operation and a suitable match for an organ or tissue. Think about giving this gift to others so they can live a better life and in some cases, just to live. We ask all family members to discuss becoming an Organ and Tissue Donor should you be in the same position as Zaidee was, when she donated her organs and tissues to others.

The rainbow symbol is representative of hope after every storm, the sun shines and there is a rainbow. For those people on the transplant waiting list, the rainbow symbol offers them hope. At the end of their rainbow is an organ or tissue to improve their life - or in most cases - save their life.

Purchase a Rainbow Pin to help support Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation and raise awareness of Organ and Tissue Donation in friends and family.

All proceeds go to the Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation.


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Zaidee's Rainbow Cap

Zaidee's Rainbow Cap
Buy for $25.00
Zaidee's Patch

Zaidee's Patch
Buy for $5.00