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PEEPO Will enure you never get caught out in the dark in the event of a true emergency. Unlike the flashlight buried in your kitchen or garage  drawer, this nightlight and flashlight's batteries will be ready when you need them the most.

Plug this unit into any outlet, and it will light up instantly upon a blackout or when you remove it from its base. Leave it plugged in, and it will act as a night light, turning on automatically when the room becomes dark.

The rechargeable Emergency Flashlight has 3 hyper-bright LEDs that will never burn out. When fully charged, this emergency flashlight will shine for 24 hours; it also features a 30 day standby life.

It is a thoughtful gift idea for families with children and for anyone who likes to be prepared for the unexpected.It also acts as a great underbench light in kitchens.

Courtesy Night Light

  • Sensitive light detector automatically castes a soft glow light to safely guide you when it gets dark.

Power Failure Mode

  • Super bright 3 LED light automatically turns on during power outages (after 24 hour initial charge). Instantly locate torch to light the way in an emergency, fire or black out.

Handy Torch

  • Easy slide switch control activates 3 LED bulbs


  • 12 Months

  • 3 x Hyperbright LED handheld light automatically turns on during power outages.
  • Easy Slide button control on handheld light activates LED lights and emergency flashers.
  • Torch lasts up to 7 hours after initial charge.
  • 30 Day standby life.
  • Nightlight switch with AUTO sensor and On/Off functions underneath base.
  • Rechargeable 3.7V lithium Lon battery.
  • New Magneti Induction Technology - Charger base simply plugs into any AC outlet.
  • Dimension: 98(L) * 56 (W) * 107 (H) mm
  • Net Weight: 105 g
jack said:

verry happy with all aspects of service thank you jack

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Jennifer said:

I bought about 30 of them and gave them as Christmas presents, everyone was impressed with them and tell me all the time how they love them. I have 3 myself.


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