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What’s provided


  • Reader
  • Controller
  • Master Programming Card
  • Keyfob
  • Cables

Each Unit can provide access to up to 1000 people and operates completely stand-alone. The Axeze Keyless Entry System is suitable for use on doors cabinets, cars, draws, fridges, anywhere where an electric lock can be fitted and ideal for the elderly or people with a disability.

Security will never be a concern again as every transponder has its own unique identification code that can not be copied or reproduced. Lost or stolen cards can easily be removed out of the system and new transponders can be added using either a Master Programming Card or optional computer software. You will never have to change any locks or reissue keys again.

  • Master Programming Card to add and delate tags
  • Software available to manage a database
  • Powerful 1000 users per system
  • One tag all sites
  • DIY or professional installation
  • Interface to other products (ie fire alarm, security alarm, home automation)


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