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FS25 Fingerprint & Mifare Card Reader/Writer (USB 2.0)

The FS25 USB2.0 Fingerprint & Mifare Card Reader/Writer combines a fingerprint scanner and an ISO14443A compatible Mifare card Reader/Writer into one device.

FS25 is a standalone fingerprint matcher that can perform “Match on Device”. Under the control of a PC via USB interface, it captures a fingerprint image, extracts the minutiae (fingerprint characteristics) and then stores it to its internal memory. The stored minutiae can be used to match with a freshly captured fingerprint and the matching result is sent to PC for authentication. Its internal memory can store up 100 fingerprints.

FS25 can read and write to ISO14443A compatible Mifare card and has all the necessary card functions such as format card, issue card, read card, write card, copy card, erase card, etc.

It can be used as a standalone USB Mifare card Reader/Writer. FS25 supports both 1KB and 4KB Mifare card.

Dual or Multi Factor Authentication

With a combination of fingerprint “Match on Device” and ISO14443A Mifare card Reader/Writer the FS25 is perfect for real dual factor authentication. Authentication factors can be broken down into three broad categories:

  • Something the user knows;
  • Something the user has;
  • Something the user is.

In the case of the FS25 something “the user has” is the Mifare card and something “the user is” is the fingerprint. Because the fingerprint data can be stored on the card at the time of enrolment into the system, it does not have to be stored in the device or the PC to still be a Dual Factor Authentication. In use the user presents the Mifare card and FS25 reads the fingerprint data stored in card. The user the places a finger on the FS25 and it scans the fingerprint image. The FS25 then matches the scanned fingerprint with the fingerprint data read from the Mifare card. The result is sent to PC for authentication.

A full SDK is available to customers to make their own two-factor authentication application.

Issues with biometric data storage resolved with FS25

The use of fingerprint recognition for logical and physical access control has been controversial. This is because the fingerprint data must be stored somewhere in the system for authentication. This may infringe on the privacy of users in some cases. FS25 is the answer to this problem as it can identify an individual using fingerprints, without storage of fingerprint data in the system.

FS25 can be used to together with Fingerprint authentication Server (FAS) which is proprietary software running on Windows 2000/XP/Vista for user and finger database management, access control and time and attendance monitoring.

System administrators can use FS25 to issue Mifare cards that can access FS21M and FS22.

Web Enabled Capabilities

FS25, together with FAS and FS22/FS21M, can form a complete web-enabled fingerprint access control system that supports Mifare cards.


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