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12V DC to 240V AC power saving, inexpensive , mobile and easy to use. 1 Year Warranty & C-Tick Approved.

All 8ZED Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters come with a 1 Year Warranty and carry the required C-Tick labelling to indicate compliance with Australian regulations.

This quiet running, robust and reliable 12V Model DC to AC power converter connects standard Australian 3 pin, 10A electrical devices of up to 600 Watts. With the 8ZED 600W Special Edition Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter you can quickly and easily power a whole range of household appliances, anywhere, anytime.

The 8ZED Special Edition 600 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters can be used anywhere you can take your vehicle. This nicely compact unit is suitable for storing under your seat or in your boot. Ideal for people on the move, who require a mobile office or are involved in outdoor work.

The 8ZED Special Edition 600 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter has an inbuilt safety system, designed to monitor the following conditions: 

  1. Low Battery Voltage - This condition is not harmful to the inverter but it could damage the power source. An audible alarm is sounded when the input voltage drops to a certain voltage. The inverter shuts down when the input voltage drops too low. When the condition is corrected the unit can be restarted.
  2. Short Circuit - Reverse polarity or short circuit condition of the load will usually result in the opening of the short circuit protection.
  3. High Temperature - When the temperature of the internal heat sink reaches 65 degrees C, the solid state temperature sensor will automatically shut down the unit. Once it is allowed to cool it can be restarted.

  • Sensitive Electronic Equipment
  • Phone Chargers
  • Computers/Laptops
  • Small Lights
  • Small Fans
  • Small TV's
  • DVD/VCR Players
  • Radios
  • Game Consoles (i.e. Playstation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360 etc)

Please Note: Some electrical appliances (such as power drills, refrigerators, power tools, pumps, compressors, cooking appliances etc) often need more power than what they specify.

  • Input Voltage: 12V DC
  • Output Voltage: 230V ±3% AC
  • Output Frequency: 50 ± 3Hz
  • Continuous Power Output: 600W
  • Peak Output Power: 1200W
  • Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
  • Idle Draw: <0.8A
  • AC Regulation: 3%
  • Efficiency: 90%
  • Ambient Temperature: -10°C → 40°C
  • Low Input Voltage Warning: 10.5±0.5V
  • Low Input Voltage Shut Down: 9.5V±0.5V
  • High Input Voltage Shut Down: 15.5V
  • Overheat Protection: 67°C±3°
  • Reverse Polarity protected



  • Dimensions: 260 x 165 x 85 (mm)
  • Weight: 3kgs


  • 1x Positive & 1x Negative Terminal to Terminal Connection Cable
  • 1x Grounding Cable
  • 1x Instruction/Specification Booklet
Checkpole said:

Brilliant, doesn't miss a beat.

Peter said:

This was my first purchase with Wallcann. I am extremely impressed with the service and delivery speed. Before my purchase I contacted Wallcann by phone to discuss my needs and was impressed by the knowledge of the staff and this sealed the purchase. I was then kept up to date with the delivery and then a follow up email after my purchase. I would highly recommend this business and will continue to look at their products in the future.

Richard said:

CommentsThe fast efficient service was wonderful. We received the product the following day. It was well packaged and we have used it to run our vacuum sealer in our boat so that we can clean the fish, vacuum seal and freeze as we go instead of having to do the big job when we arrive home.

John said:

Pefecto - Best value for money. My whole 4WD Group has now ordered. I cannot wait till the 2000W ones are in stock.

Jason said:

Great product no issues running laptops and the kids electronic games highly recomend

noel said:

this inverter was delivered promptly. I installed it in my caravan and it works perfectly. seems quiet too...thats good. thanks, Noel

Graham said:

so far so good but mine is green

Ron said:

Quick no hassle service. Unit works well. Overall very happy with all aspects of the purchase.

Trevor said:

works well fast delivery

Dave said:

To: Subject: RE: Home | 8Zed Hi, Latest, and probably last, update. The output is 50.0Hz and a very good sine wave. It will not cause any damage to sensitive equipment designed to run on mains voltage. The wave is contrived and not the result of a free running oscillator. With very high resolution on the oscilloscope a small, gentle ripple can be detected. This ripple is much less than 1% of the fundamental wave. It is actually so insignificant that I did not even bother to check the amplitude. The 130 watt three way fridge runs fine, although in reality I wouldn't use it because 12 volt works quite satisfactorily. Attempted to test Gail's travelling hair dryer, but the plastic switch handle has gone brittle and snapped. Tested the fridge and a fan. The voltage increased from 238.8 to 240.2. That is not a problem. I would speculate there is an active load compensation circuit working. The only suitable other equipment we have for load testing is Gail's main hair dryer on half power. It worked with no change in frequency but the voltage dropped to 220 volts. Considering the inverter was overloaded by 150 watts, that is a very acceptable result. The test was not long, perhaps a minute, because the 35 amp battery protection fuse I had previously installed to protect wiring and battery blew. This is not surprising as the fuse was 35 amp rating and the calculated load was in the order of 75 amps. I am happy and rate the inverter as excellent. Dave. -----Original Message----- From: David Hamilton [] Sent: Monday, 18 June 2012 6:29 PM To: Subject: RE: Home | 8Zed Update. I purchased the unit after I sent this. It arrived Wednesday. I have test run it to ensure it works. It powers Gail's travelling hair dryer at 1/2 power, 600 watts. I didn't run it for long, as I don't generally intend to use the inverter for such duties and it was night so the battery wouldn't receive charge until the next day. I have yet to put the oscilloscope on it so see if it is genuine sine wave as advertised. I am sure it will be. If so it can charge camera, computer and mobile phone batteries. It can also power a small refrigerator, so we don't have to buy an expensive duel power source if our three way fridge fails. It is looking promising. Dave. -----Original Message----- From: David Hamilton [] Sent: Monday, 11 June 2012 7:42 PM To: Subject: Home | 8Zed For Bob and Adam, I am about to buy a pure sine wave inverter from this site. I'll keep you informed. Dave.

Les said:

Excellent product. Warranty service beyond reproach.

Margaret said:

Excellent service ... quick and efficient. Tracking facility is top notch. A real pleasurable experience. Many thanks.


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