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Preface - Millinery trends in 1921
35 Hats - illustrations, descriptions and materials

THE Millinery Fashion Service is prepared for members of the Woman's Institute who are studying the Millinery Course. Two numbers—the Spring and Summer Service and the Fall and Winter Service—will be presented to every Woman's Insti-tute millinery student whose record shows her to be interested and eager for advancement.

This book comes to assist you in your work by presenting to you current millinery fashions with instructions and details of their development.

Once you understand the principles of hat designing, which include color, line, and materials, and of hat making, which include all construction details, artistic, individually becoming hats will result. Read all the text carefully and reason out the why of every illustration and description so that your hat knowledge may be enlarged and your conception of the millinery art intensified.

It is our hope that the Millinery Service will prove valuable to you in planning hats for yourself and others in the seasons now approaching.

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  • 1921 Millinery

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