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Since the entire profession of beauty culture is dedicated to the cultivation of feminine charm and beauty, it is impossible to stress too emphatically the importance of correct, individual hair cutting and styling, artistically designed and expertly executed.

To be an expert hairdresser, you must master all of the various methods of cutting hair. To be an artistic hair stylist you must supplement this ability with a thorough study of individual types, of faces, features and heads. You must understand which lines make for height, which for width; how to minimize natural imperfections; how to make the most of each woman's charms.

Study the accompanying illustrations carefully. Note just how much width or height can be added or taken away from a face and head merely by the proper cutting and arranging of hair to suit the individual contour. Surely it is self-evident how important it is to train the eyes to observe every line and feature of a patron before taking up the scissors, preparatory to cutting the hair, to be a successful hairdresser and stylist.

Emphatically, you are not too old to learn expert hair cutting and styling. Give yourself a chance. In this volume I have tried to include every valuable suggestion, help and instruction I could think of, based on my many years experience. I hope this will give you in a simple way, a thorough understanding of the technique and art of this fascinating profession. But YOU have to study the text and the illustrations. You, yourself, have to put the suggestions into practice. You will be amazed and thrilled with the progress you will make if you keep everlastingly at it.

  • Hair Styling and Design
  • Foreheads
  • Cowlicks
  • Neck Lines
  • Hairdressing Tools
  • Thinning and Tapering
  • Cutting and Thinning Hair for Permanent Waving
  • Hair Cutting with Scissors
  • Tapering
  • Shingling
  • Cutting Hair with a Razor
  • Hair Form and Structure
  • Layer Hair Cutting
  • Corrective or Alteration Hair Cut
  • Bangs

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  • 1920's - 30's Haircutting and Styling, containing 90 large scale illustrations and 29 photos

We suggest you print the pages and put them into a folder with plastic sleeves for protection and easy access.

"1920's - 30's HAIRCUTTING AND STYLING" is a PDF file format on the CD. You can read it on your computer or print it out. Being a PDF means it can be read by both PC's and Mac's. All you need is the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader software that you most probably already have. If you don't have Adobe Reader we provide a link on the CD where you can download it.
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